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Lymon, the official sponsor of the IMAS C-suite Networking Breakfast and Morning Brew 2019

Lymon is proud to be the official sponsor partner for IMAS C-suite Networking Breakfast and Morning Brew – The Inside Story of Tipper X.

On 25 September 2019, the Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) held a special morning talk featuring Tom Hardin, also known as "Tipper X", one of the youngest professionals charged in the insider trading cases in the hedge fund industry brought in 2009 to 2012 in the U.S. This half-day event attracted over 60 attendees which included individuals from MAS, senior management, and Legal & Compliance representatives of IMAS members.

During this function, Tom shared his story of crossing from unethical into illegal activity as a young analyst and discussed the psychological traps which can pull individuals into a spiral of rationalization in the investment management industry. Diving into the pitfalls of compliance at his firm, Tom also communicated how compliance professionals today can better engage with investment teams, provided takeaways from his experience from the past three years of speaking to over 200 organizations, for key indicators that identified trends and the potential for conduct risk in the organization.

The networking event saw an active participation by attendees during the Q&A session and received positive feedback of having good audience engagement.

With an increasing focus on sound culture and conduct by MAS and other professional and supervisory bodies, Lymon aims to assist financial institutions through our ongoing compliance services and compliance trainings courses such as Ethics and Conduct of Interest (IBF-accredited). We look forward to supporting IMAS future initiatives.

About Tom Hardin

As a junior partner at a hedge fund, Tom Hardin was charged with felony securities fraud and became the FBI’s most productive witness in Operation Perfect Hedge – a sting operation by the U.S government targeting the hedge fund industry. The sting branched out into the largest insider trading investigation in 25 years, leading to over 80 guilty pleas or convictions. Since resolving his case in 2015, Tom was invited by FBI-NYC to speak to their rookie agent class in 2016 and now consults and speaks on insider trading, conduct risk, ethics and compliance issues from his former frontline perspective.


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